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adriana with fruits


Welcome to Body Kantina! The home of Fresh Handmade Bath and Body Yummies! Yes Yummies! The perfect description I continually hear from my customers and the origin of my slogan. How inspiring is that!  Their affirmation confirms my invested time in seeking, sampling and testing the finest fragrances and ingredients from around the world has paid off!

When I first started creating soaps I knew they had to be exactly what I wanted and what I could not find anywhere else – bath and body products that met my cravings for incredible aroma, sensational feel and beauty. So I created “Body Yummies” that treat you with refreshing scents, baby your skin with youthfulness, add color and flare – special little things to enhance your surroundings and lifestyle.

I design all the Body Kantina products inside and out – from the combination of skin loving ingredients and fragrances to their shapes and realistic detailing.  I create soaps in the shapes of fruits, candies, desserts and more. When people pick them up they remark how they look and smell the real thing!

“It looks and smells so good I could eat it!”  I hear that often. It’s a compliment I contribute to my desire for perfection – a discipline I practice in all that I do.

I appreciate the importance of details.  Every element must contribute to the whole experience so others get the most out of every moment.   I create tangible art in the flavor of my Brazilian heritage!  A culture where celebrating and experiencing life through beauty, sensuality and vitality is highly valued!

I started the business in September 2012 and already my bath & body products especially my soaps are generating a response and interest I never expected!  I’m confident it’s because I did my homework, created a great product and most important I love what I do. 

Being based in Los Angeles affords me the luxury to meet people from around the world who are spreading the word and creating wholesale opportunities! I love that people love my products! And I love that celebrities love my products!  After all they travel extensively and are exposed to specialty gift items like those handed out at “Red Carpet” events, corporate conferences, prestigious hotels etc.!  Right!?  I’m honored my Body Kantina Products stand out in their minds!

Body Kantina Yummies. They’re perfect for:

  • Yourself, friends and family
  • Corporate and small company events
  • Gift Bags
  • Home and lobby decoration
  • Spas and Salons
  • And now as stage props and cinematic settings! Under lights they look “realistic” for a long time!

Wrap your body and surroundings in luxury – affordable luxury in your home spa!

Want more details?  Learn more by clicking here.  (Link to About our Products Page)

Thank you for contributing to my success! I’m most grateful!


Adriana Souza

Founder, designer, creator and owner!