About Our Products

All Body Kantina products contain the highest quality ingredients from the most reputable companies – I must mention, I only purchase ingredients not tested on animals.  So, all suppliers must meet FDA requirements and my personal ethical standards. All of our Soaps are glycerin and Shea Butter base,  the natural glycerin is retained unlike many over the counter soaps.  The Glycerin absorbs moisture making your skin softer and more youthful.
We made skin care products, soaps, bath bombs, candles and much more!! 
Our unique fruit soaps are very popular , made and painted by hand, one by one.  The fine detail in design and color makes you think they’re “real”. By mixing colors I create specific tones and shades and carefully add them to the soap, controlling where and how much the pigment migrates. I then mix and add premium fragrances to produce vivid aromas that match “the real thing”.  The challenge to create new ideas and designs with the “wow” factor drives my product line.  So, I will always add new “Yummies” to the large selection of Body Kantina products. Uniqueness and quality reflect Body Kantina Yummies!  After all, I create them to make you, your friends and family feel special.  So they need to be special!