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Yummy icy cool peppermint. Sweet Goodness of sugary candy!

Our Candles are made from premium Soy Blended wax infused with the finest quality ingredients that deliver realistic scents.

Enjoy your Fresh Hand Poured Body Kantina candle!

Burn time - 35 to 40 hours.

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Premium Soy Blended wax infused with the finest quality ingredients, that deliver realistic scents.

Made with 100% Cotton Wicks.

Cleaner Burning and longer lasting, Soy Blended candles burn cleaner and cooler than traditional scented candles, giving them a longer burn time.

Highly Scented, We only use the best fragrances for our candles.

How to use

- It's important to establish a memory burn with its first lighting. If you don't allow them to burn all the way to the edge of the container when your first burn your candle, on subsequent burns they will only burn to the edge created from the first burn, and will therefore burn down instead of across and waste a lot of the wax.The initial burn should be for 4 hours. This creates a melt pool, and it's the melt pool that allows the wick to throw the candles fragrance.

- The wicks should be trimmed to a 1/4 inch every time before you light your candle.You can use a scissors, or candle wick cutters.

IMPORTANT: Never leave a burning candle unattended, keep lit candles away from children, pets and flammable materials.