Pineapple Crunch Bath Bomb

Approx. 6 - 7 oz

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Our Luxurious bath bombs are made with moisturizing ingredients

Think about a tropical and juicy fresh ripped pineapple! This is it! One of our best seller fragrance. Mixed with dried orange peels.

Each Bath Bomb comes individually shrink wrapped and packaged to preserve freshness.

* Shea and Cocoa Butter, blend of essential oils, Relax with our Pineapple Crunch Bath Bomb

Enjoy a relaxing bath while the fizzy releases an amazing blend of fresh Fresh Tropical Pineapples.

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Pineapple Crunch Bath Bomb

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Additional Information


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salt, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Fragrance, Witch Hazel, orange peels, Cosmetic Colors.

How to use

Fill your Bathtub with warm water than drop your bath bomb inside, lay back to enjoy its lovely fizzy while it releases an amazing blend of essential oils turning your bath water into a beautiful relaxing Yellow color.

Some of Body Kantina bath bombs contain, flowers, petals or herbs ( if you prefer not to have these amazing botanicals floating in your tub, wrap the bath bomb in a recycled nylon before use).

Make sure that your bathtub is well cleaned before using any bath bombs to avoid a colored ring around the tub.

Warning: For external use only. Do not use on cut or broken skin. If allergic reaction occurs discontinue using it. Be careful your bathtub may be slippery do to the oils in our bath bombs.