Mrs. Tea Rose Bath Bomb

Approx. 6 - 7 oz

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Our Luxurious bath bombs are made with moisturizing ingredients.

Meet Mrs. Tea Rose! Ok I'm warning you don't you dare play games with Mrs. Tea Rose, she's full of love and sensuality, She Loves Romance, players walk away now! Once You Give Mrs. Tea Rose a chance there is no way back! You'll absolutely fall in love with her, She is Delicate and Sweet.

Make sure to light a candle and a very relaxing music in the background before you get into the bathtub with Mrs. Tea Rose. And If for some reason You decide to share a bath with your love one, Don't you worry Mrs. Tea Rose is not Jealous! Isn't this amazing?


* Each Bath Bomb comes individually shrink wrapped and packaged to preserve freshness

* Shea and Cocoa Butter, blend of essential oils, Relax with our Mrs. Tea Rose Bath Bomb

Enjoy a sensual rose petals bath while the fizzy releases an amazing blend of roses.

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Mrs. Tea Rose Bath Bomb

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